nyglass stockinette


We stock a wide range of laminating cast stockinette and vacuum hosiery, including Nyglass stockinette, Perlon Stockinette, Featherstretch Vacuum Hosiery, Spectracarb Stockinette, Spectralon Stockinette, Aralon Stockinette, Cotton Stockinette and Fibreglass Stockinette.  

epox-acryl 2 low res


We are the proud manufacturers and distributors of the Epox-Acryl Laminating Resin, the innovative resin specifically formulated for the Orthotic and Prosthetic professional. Safe for use against skin when cured, Epox-Acryl is the latest in new generation Acrylic / Epoxide thermosetting laminating resins, offering advantages over all other resins in the industry.

Carbon Braid


For Prosthetic limb socket reinforcement and other advanced technology applications, our Braided Biaxial Sleeving is of the highest quality. Available in Carbon, Fibreglass and Limtex, a Synthetic Polymer Braid, our range of braid is designed to decrease mass and lay up fabrication time of laminations whilst increasing strength and rigidity.