We supply orthopaedic Lace to Toe Boots and shoes.

Leather upper, heel and toe counters and reinforced back strap.

Synthetic sole.

Stitch down construction.

Heels supplied separately for ease of build up.

Sizes: Infant 3-8; Child 9-1; Youth 2-5; Adult 6-11; Ladies/Nurse 2-6

orthopaedic ltt and derby boots


Choose from fixed or adjustable bar styles with small (up to shoe size 4) or large (shoe size 4.5 and over) plates.

Includes embossed protractor wrench and hex key.

Fillauer plate orthopaedic boots


The Denis-Browne Bar is a device attached to the bottom of the child’s shoes and worn at night. The splint consists of a spreader bar and two metal plates or brackets to which shoes are attached.

The shoe plates can be attached in two ways, i.e. fastened to the bar with a clamp to the side of the shoe, or screwed into the bottom of the shoe. Either method allows loosening to position the feet in as much internal or external rotation as the physician deems necessary.

Designed for the correction of Clubfoot, they work by holding both feet in an abducted position shoulder width apart in boots mounted to a splint with foot plates. The re-designed Tarso Adjustable Bar Splints provide the three most commonly prescribed settings in each of two age/ size ranges.

Heel separation is set precisely to the optimum position for the individual patient and may be reset during treatment



The Horton Click is a foot rotation bar that allows the feet to be internally or externally rotated. Designed by an orthotist who understood there was a need for a more patient and orthotist friendly device.The Horton Click is easier to fit the shoes fit on independently then click onto the foot rotation bar. This allows for better positioning of the foot in the shoe which prevents the child from being able to kick the shoes off. With just a click you can quickly remove the bar from the shoes, change the child, and click the shoes back on the bar. The Horton Click is an excellent choice for kids going through the Ponseti Protocol for Clubfoot treatment.

horton click orthopaedic boots


Quick Release mechanism allows shoes to snap on and off for diapering, carseats, and high chairs. 

Easy to set external rotation dial with just a turn of a screw.

The Dobbs Bar will adjusts in length as the child grows.

The Dobbs Bar should be set so that the width of the bar is equal to the shoulder width of the child.

Dobbs Dynamic Bars are less restrictive than rigid bars, which keeps children more comfortable, increases compliance and care

dobbs easy click orthopaedic boots


Sizes 0000, 000, 00, 0, 1, 1 ½ , 2, 2 ½, 3, 3 ½ , 4, 4 ½, 5

The Tarso Open Toe Boots are orthopaedic boots and shoes designed to be used to help maintain correction in babies with Clubfoot and Metatarsus Abductus. Tarso Open Toe Boots are made on both Tarso Medius straight last and Tarso Pronator full abduction last.

With the growing widespread use of the Ponseti Method of treating Clubfoot, Ortholam offers two models of Tarso Medius Straight Last Boot. These Tarso Medius Straight Last Boots have been specially constructed and provide superior comfort and support for babies’ tender feet. Since new-borns treated using the Ponseti Method are ready for shoes and a bar as early as age 6-8 weeks, we offer Tarso Medius Straight Last Boots as small as 0000 (see sizing chart).

Symmetrical Straight Last Boots, made with soft tanned lambskin, a well-defined heel pocket, soft rolled top line and special built-in padding at the back of the boot and under the tongue.

These boots are made in a full range of sizes, from 0000 for new-borns, up to size 12 for older children.

Tarso Medius Straight Last Boot with both an open toe and heel. This newly designed boot is made with the younger Clubfoot patient in mind. Young infants with atypical or hyper-sensitive feet, can sometimes experience difficulty in adjusting to boots and bars after serial casting. For these young Clubfoot patients, the 1645 boot has been designed with a special cut-out in the heel, to help see that the heel is down in the correct position, to help relieve pressure, and also to better hold the foot and prevent slipping, pulling out, and blistering. Model 1645 is made in sizes 0000 to 6 in Narrow and Medium and sizes 0000 to 1 in Wide, to accommodate the full range of infants with slender, normal, or pudgy feet.

Tarso Pronator is made on a special full abduction last, which has a more pronounced curvature than closed toe boots. The full abduction last is made to provide maximum correction for the patient with Metatarsus Abductus, and also for the corrected Clubfoot.

open toe orthopaedic shoes and boots
Markell tarso open toe orthopaedic shoes and boots
open toe orthopaedic shoes and boots