ProFlex with Silicone

ProFlex with Silicone is primarily used for flexible upper and lower extremity prosthetic suction socket liners. It bonds well to itself, should be worked at low temperatures and trimmed only when cold.

ProFlex with Silicone is a durable, skin friendly thermoplastic that does not shrink and has a lower coefficient of friction than straight ProFlex. It has been designed with minimal rigidity and maximum flexibility in mind, when compared to other socket materials.

Product Features

  • Provides good attachment to the skin and seating comfort for the patient.
  • Promotes and allows good blood circulation.
  • Easy to blister and vacuum form and bonds well to itself when hot.

ProFlex with Silicone is a milky white colour and becomes very pliable (stretchy), and clearer, but not completely clear due to the silicone content, when at processing temperature. The material should be worked over a cast that has been preheated to around 120~150 Deg C to allow extended working time. It is recommended that you use a pure plaster model to vacuum over without the use of a vacuum wick, which will potentially stick to the ProFlex.

Tip: use an old strip of SS400 to finish the smoothing process. See our SandScreen abrasive cloth strip; SS80, SS180 and SS400.

Product order codes

PFLX6+S: (400mm X 400mm X 6mm)
PFLX9+S: (400mm X 400mm X 9mm)
PFLX12+S: (400mm X 400mm X 12mm)

Proflex with Silicone


Blue Green Yellow EVA

Blue Green Yellow

Blue White EVA

Blue White

Pink Grey Purple EVA

Pink Grey Purple

Pink Swirl EVA

Pink Swirl

Pink White Swirl EVA

Pink White Swirl

Purple Swirl EVA

Purple Swirl

Yellow Black EVA

yello and black
Yellow Black

Black White EVA

black and white
Black White


Memoflex (Prod Code: MEVA10)

Poron 3mm and 6mm

PAMS Poron 3mm Blue
Poron 3mm and 6mm (Prod Code: PAMS3 & PAMS6)

Closed cell polyurethane AMS Diabetic Insole sheeting with anti-microbial properties.

3mm 137cm x 100cm – colour blue
6mm 137cm x 100cm – colour tan

Rubber Sheeting

Footwear Rubber Top Piecing 6m
Rubber Sheeting
  • Pyramid Top Piece for heels in black or brown. 6mm. Sheet size 900 x 900mm. Light weight (Prod Code: PTP6).
  • Gristle Black crepe rubber sheeting. 3.5mm and 4mm thickness. Sheet size 850mm x 850mm (Prod Code: GBFC3).
  • Dri Foot rubber sheeting 914 x 914 x 5mm (Prod Code: DF5).
  • Feathercrepe soling, smooth or one side Pyramid pattern (Prod Code: FCR3).
  • Topy Elysee sheeting, black, 960 x 600 x 1.8mm (Prod Code: TPS).

Lunalight Sheeting

LunaLight Sheeting
LunaLight Sheeting (Prod Code: MA601)

Lunalight – Shore A 58 – Particularly hard and rigid
Colours : White, Beige, Black
Sheet size:0.86m x 0.56m Cordovan Leather Skin

Cork Sheet and Cork Blocks

Cork Sheet and Cork Blocks
Cork Sheet and Cork Blocks

25mm thick 300mm x 110mm block size
50mm thick 300mm x 110mm block size

Natural Cork Sheeting 915 x 610 x 6mm thick
Rubber Cork composition sheeting 1m x 1m x 6mm thick

Polypropylene and PolyOrthoForm

Polypropylene and PolyOrthoForm (Prod Code: POFS)


Orthopaedic grade, natural opaque colour, suitable for the manufacture of AFO’s, KFO’s and AKFO’s.
1m x 2m sheet size imported grade. Availabe in: 2mm,  3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm.


White copolymer sheeting for Orthotic bracing, spinal, lower and upper extremity.
1930mm x 930mm sheet size. Available in: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm.

Econotread, PeLite and Orthotic Lite

Econotread, PeLite and Orthotic Lite
Econotread, PeLite and Orthotic Lite (Prod Code: FEVA6 & FEVA8)
  • EVA thermoformable, cross-linked, closed cell foam sheeting.
  • Excellent shock absorption and ideal for footwear applications.
  • Shore A35-40 colour chocolate brown.
  • Sheet size 1900mm x 1200mm.
  • Available in 6mm and 8mm thicknesses.



NeoSole remains the leading cover stock choice for shock absorption, impact reduction and overall foot comfort. Four-way stretch nylon helps reduce friction and shear. The anti-microbial coating helps reduce odour.

  • Durometer (hardness)
  • Specification range: Shore A: 20~23 Shore C: 50~58, (target=54)
  • Low-friction top cloth helps prevent blisters.
  • Anti microbial coating that prevents odours.

Sold in 106cm x 122cm x 4mm individual sheets

(Prod Code: NSM4)