At Ortholam we provide high quality prosthetic feet and components at competitive prices.

Connection Cap

Product Features

  • For single-axis-foot adapter.
  • Made of plastic with slot for easier insertion.
Connection Cap Prosthetic Feet
Connection Cap (Prod Code: SAFCC)

Dorsal Flexion Bumper

Product Features

  • For single-axis-foot adapter.
  • For adjustment of heel height and dorsal flexion.
  • Each size 1 soft and 1 hard bumper.
Dorsal Flexion Bumper
Dorsal Flexion Bumper

Single Axis Foot Adapter Aluminium

  • With lower bearing shell, plantar flexion bumper and including a dorsal flexion bumper 32A6/D10
  • Foot size Weight Eff. height max. 2kg
  • 22-25 cm 207 g 33 mm 100 kg
  • 26-30 cm 218 g 33 mm 100 kg

The adjustment of the heel height and of the dorsal flexion can be varied with different dorsal flexion bumpers

Also Available In Titanium And Stainless Steel

Single Axis Foot Adaptor prosthetic feet
Single Axis Foot Adaptor (Prod Code: SAFA)

Single-Axis-Foot for Men

Product Features

  • Max. patient weight: 100 kg
  • Activity level (walking): 1
  • Heel height: 10 mm
  • Foot made of polyurethane
  • Core made of alder wood
  • Forefoot is flat-convex
Single-Axis-Foot Prosthetic Feet
Single Axis Foot for Men (Prod Code: SAF)

SACH Foot Connection Disc

Product Features

  • Made of plastic.
  • To be bonded to cosmetic soft foam cover and affixed onto the SACH foot adapter.
SACH Foot Connection Disc
SACH Foot Connection Disc

Bolted Connection for SACH Foot

Product Features

Consists of: 1 socket cap screw, 1 washer, 1 serrated lock washer.

  • 16A2/M8 Steel M8
  • 16A2/M10 Steel M10
Bolted Connection for SACH Foot
Bolted Connection for SACH Foot

SACH Foot Adapter

Product Features

  • Complete with bolted connection
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel screw
  • SACH foot adapter 16A9/M10 is exclusively for the SACH foot for men:

118 g M8 9 mm 100 kg
128 g M10 9 mm 125 kg
133 g M10 9 mm 150 kg

Also Available In Aluminium And Titanium

SACH Foot Adapter Prosthetic Feet
SACH Foot Adapter (Prod Code: SFA)


Product Features

  • Manufactured from natural polypropylene.
  • Strong and Sturdy design with good Medio – Lateral Stability.
  • Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large in Left and Right.
  • Complete with Velcro closure.

Pediatric AFO`S

Product Features

  • Manufactured from high quality polypropylene with graded wall.
  • Thickness depends on size.
  • Low profile, semi leaf-spring with full calf.
  • Including sticky-back velcro closure strap.
Padiatric AFOs (Prod Code: PEDAFO)
Padiatric AFOs (Prod Code: PEDAFO)

Swedish AFO’S

Product Features

  • Injection moulded from polyethylene – tough and durable.
  • X-Frame for added strength and stability.
  • Trimmable with scissors.
  • Short height with a flared top and universal calf circumference.
  • Self adhesive hook and loop closure.
Swedish AFO's (Prod Code: SWAFO)
Swedish AFO’s (Prod Code: SWAFO)

Aluminium SACH Foot Adaptor

Product Features

  • Mass: 56 grams
  • Rated to 100 Kg
Aluminium SACH Foot Adaptor (Prod Code: ALSFA)
Aluminium SACH Foot Adaptor (Prod Code: ALSFA)

SACH Prosthetic Feet

The SACH foot (Solid Ankle Cushion Heel) offers stability and comfort to low activity patients. The soft heel of these prosthetic feet give a comfortable heel strike and the rigid keel provides security during midstance. Perfect for:

  • Low activity users.
  • Activity level: 1.
  • Unilateral or bilateral patients.
  • BK or AK amputees.
  • Low profile design fits majority of amputee population.

Product Features

  • Comfortable heel strike
  • With toes
  • Without shaped ankle block
  • Recommended for people who are restricted to indoor walking or very limited outdoor walking
Sach Prosthetic Feet (Prod Code: SF)
Sach Feet (Prod Code: SF)