Ecolam Resin

Next generation fast setting vacuum bagging resin with zero styrene or methyl vapor emissions, very low odor, good colour clarity offering high performance combined with ease of use for safer work environment. Suitable for all types of reinforcement materials used in fabrication workshops.


LimbArt Resin

The LimbArt resin has a higher viscosity that produces the smooth and glossy surface finish. The cured colour is clearer, helping to make the graphics “POP”. This laminating resin is strong and tough, formulated to displace the slow curing, expensive two part resins fabricated with graphic images on the outer surface.


Epox-Acryl Resin

We are the proud manufacturers and distributors of the Epox-Acryl Laminating Resin, the innovative resin specifically formulated for the Orthotic and Prosthetic professional. Safe for use against skin when cured, Epox-Acryl is the latest in new generation Acrylic / Epoxide thermosetting laminating resins, offering advantages over all other resins in the industry.

Thermacryl Resin

A high quality THERMOFORMABLE and versatile vacuum bagging polymer matrix resin that produces exceptional  physical properties when fully cured at room temperature, as well as ease of use for the fabrication of all types of containment sockets and orthopedic parts that may need to be “heat relieved” after fabrication.



Better with Braid - The Strength is in the Braid

Introducing our NEW medium weight Fiberglass Braided Sleeving.

Here are some advantages of braided sleeving over knitted reinforcement stockinette:

• Braids provide much greater stiffness than knits for the same matrix weight.
• Braids produce fabricated sockets with much lower weight.
• Braids are made using much higher modulus fibers.
• Braids provide greater impact and flexural strength in composites.
• Braids are far superior for fabricating thin wall composite parts.

FiberGlass Braided Biaxial Sleeving
FiberGlass Braided Biaxial Sleeving

Braided fiberglass is a much better choice over knitted fiberglass/nylon products for reinforcing Prosthetic sockets. You can fabricate sockets that are much stiffer, thinner and lighter than with knitted stockinette.

Braided fiberglass sleeving produces sockets that are just as strong as those made with carbon fiber with similar layups, but much lighter and stiffer than when using knitted tubular reinforcement products.

Using fiberglass braid for the outer reinforcement layer of your socket, allows you to choose whatever color pigment you need for your resin. (i.e. a hybrid layup using a combination of carbon and fiberglass braid).

We supply a full range of braided fiberglass biaxial sleeving covering the following LAY FLAT sizes:

Item Code 45 Deg LF Size cm/in LF Size Range cm Circumference Range cm
GBSM8 8 cm / 3” 4 – 10 cm 8 – 20 cm
GBSM12 12 cm / 5” 5 – 14 cm 10 – 28 cm
GBSM20 20 cm / 8” 8 – 20 cm 16 – 40 cm
GBSM28 28 cm / 11” 13 – 31 cm 26 – 62 cm
GBSM36 36 cm / 14” 18 – 42 cm 36 – 84 cm
GBSM44 44 cm / 17” 25 – 50 cm 50 – 100 cm

Carbon Braided Biaxial Sleeving

Carbon Braided Biaxial Sleeving
Carbon Braided Biaxial Sleeving

Product Code: CBS8, CBS16, CBS32, CBS40

Designed to decrease mass and lay up fabrication time of laminations whilst increasing strength and rigidity. These materials provide increased part performance, decreased manufacturing time and a more cost effective solution to practitioner’s laminating needs.

Fibreglass Braided Biaxial Sleeving

Fibreglass Braided Biaxial Sleeving
Fibreglass Braided Biaxial Sleeving

Product Code: GBS16, GBS24, GBS32

Designed to decrease mass and lay up fabrication time of laminations whilst increasing strength and rigidity. These materials provide increased part performance, decreased manufacturing time and a more cost effective solution to practitioner’s laminating needs.

Carbon Fibre Biaxial Tape

Glass Braided Biaxial Sleeving
Glass Braided Biaxial Sleeving

Glass Fibre Biaxial Tape

Glass Fibre Biaxial Tape
Glass Fibre Biaxial Tape

Product Code: GBT5

Use in the reinforcement of Transtibial and Transfemoral prosthetic sockets and other devices especially to reinforce the distal portions of containment sockets.


We have a full range of PVA tapered vacuum bagging sleeves, film, repair tape and Latex Isolation Sheaths in stock at very competitive prices;

  • Prefabricated from the best grade of fresh PVA film
  • 80 micron film thickness with one face matt finished
  • Fine even welded seams end to end
  • Plaited and sealed in zip lock bags ready for moistening
  • All sleeves are 1050mm in length

PVA Sleeves: (packaged 10 plaited sleeves in a zip lock bag)
PVA4 (4 inch LF) 100 X 50 X 1050mm
PVA6 (6 inch LF) 150 X 50 X 1050mm
PVA8 (8 inch LF) 200 X 50 X 1050mm
PVA10 (10 inch LF) 250 X 50 X 1050mm
PVA12 (12 inch LF) 300 X 50 X 1050mm
PVA14 (14 inch LF) 350 X 50 X 1050mm

PVA Repair Tape: 19mm wide clear stretch tape on a 33 m roll.
50mm wide Coroplast PVC adhesive tape on a 25m roll.
PVA Bag Sealing Iron with Teflon cover 220Vac

PVA film: (on a roll)
We also sell PVA film in roll lengths with a width of 1050mm and a film thickness of
80 micron with one face matt finished.

PVA Sleeves


Nyglass Stockinettes

Combines the lightweight strength of fibreglass with the elasticity of nylon. Cost-saving choice for everyday sockets. With a blend of 65% fibreglass and 35% stretch nylon it works well with polyester and acrylic resins for a smooth appearance without any ribs or runs.

Form fitting with 230% stretch.
Sizes: 7cm, 9cm, 12cm, 15cm and 20cm.
Roll size 1kg

Nyglass Stockinette
Nyglass Stockinette

Laminating Cast Stockinette

100% Nylon with 150% stretch. Cost saving and
lightweight. Supplied in 20 metre rolls.
Sizes: 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm and 25cm

Laminating Cast Stockinette
Laminating Cast Stockinette

Fiberglass Stockinettes

Fibreglass Stockinette
Fiberglass Stockinette

Cotton Stockinette

100% Natural long staple cotton knit
for maximum stretch. Natural cotton colour,
supplied in 20 metre rolls.
Available in 8 sizes: 2.5cm, 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm and 30cm.

Size Laid Flat Width in cm Stretch Width in cm
Arm 7 14
Small 10 20
Medium 12 30
Large 15 40
X-Large 20 50
Cotton Stockinette
Cotton Stockinette

Perlon Stockinette

Provides an extra smooth appearance
for final laminations. Compatible with all
types of resins. Easy saturation. No ribs
or runs. 500g roll. White

Perlon Stockinette
Perlon Stockinette

Aralon Stockinette

Aralon Stockinette
Aralon Stockinette

Product Code: ARAS75, ARAS100, ARAS125, ARAS150

Spectralon Stockinette

Spectralon Stockinettes
Spectralon Stockinettes

The strongest, lightest fibre in the world. For prosthetic sockets that need to be thin, light and retain some flexibility.
Product Code: SPLON75, SPLON100, SPLON125, SPLON150

Spectracarb Stockinette

Spectracarb Stockinette
Spectracarb Stockinette

For superior strength in light-weight lamination lay-ups.
Product Code: SPC50, SPC75, SPC100, SPC125, SPC150

Mutton Cloth

Mutton Cloth
Mutton Cloth

100% Cotton, with natural cotton colour, Mutton Cloth is recognised for its absorbancy, softness & wet strength and is widely used for general cleaning, washing and polishing. 23cm roll width.

Feather Stretch – Quick Release Nylon Laminations


Helpful Suggestions:

For Vacuum Forming with Plaster Molds

  • Cut enough material to cover the mold with two layers.
  • Pull one layer, twist, apply second layer, and go!

For Vacuum Forming with Foam Molds

  • Apply 2-3 layers and spray surface with water OR
  • Apply 4-5 layers without spraying water
  • When possible, lower oven temperature to 375' Fahrenheit

For Final Lamination

  • Use 3-4 layers of FeatherStretch as the initial and outer layer of laminations to create a smooth finish.
Feather Stretch - Quick Release Nylon Laminations


Pigment Pastes – 500g - lamination

We carry a range of laminating resin pigment pastes in stock.

We recommend adding 2%-3% paste by mass to achieve the correct colour tone.

Pigment Pastes – 500gs
Pigment Pastes – 500gs

Rigid Fabricating PU Foam

Product Order Code:            Quantity:

RFF4 – 4Kg Kit            2Kg Part A +2Kg Part B

RFF10- 10Kg Kit          5Kg part A + 5Kg part B

RFF is an easy to use two component, one to one ratio, rigid polyurethane fabricating foam which is strong and evenly textured and can be cast onto the distal end of a Prosthetic socket for controlling the attachment and alignment of connecting socket attachment blocks and devices.

Rigid Fabricating PU Foam
Rigid Fabricating PU Foam

Triaxial Carbon Fabric

Product Code: CTF110 Aerial mass: 417 grams per sq. metre

Prosthetic limb socket reinforcement and other advanced technology applications.

Triaxial Carbon Fabric
Triaxial Carbon Fabric

Modelling Clay 500g ~ White

White plasticized modelling clay 500g.

Modelling Clay 500g ~ White