Procheck – Blister Formable Diagnostic Check Socket Material for short term use

PCHK10: (400mm X 400mm X 10mm)
PCHK12: (400mm X 400mm X 12mm)
PCHK15: (400mm X 400mm X 15mm)
TALCWP (Talc/French Chalk) 1 Kg tub
KEVGL: KEVLAR Hot Work heat resistant Gloves – size large, ideal for handling hot plastic sheeting- per pair
COTTG: Cotton Liner Gloves, size large: per pair
SHWG: SILICONE Hot Work Glove – one size left or right hand use, ideal for handling hot plastic materials-each.

Procheck – Blister Formable Diagnostic Check Socket Material for short term use

PROCHECK is ideal for blister/drape forming of short term Diagnostic check sockets for walking trials due to its good clarity, mechanical strength, excellent vacuum formability and reproduction of detail. It is physiologically safe with crystal clear optical transparency and a shrinkage factor of less than 1%.

Recommended Oven Temperature for blister / vacuum forming is 165 Deg C with an oven cooking time of approx. 2 minutes per mm of sheet thickness, (oven dependant).

ProCheck, if heated above the recommended temperature, will be seriously weakened due to the molecular breakdown that will occur.

Clamp plastic in a frame and allow blister to droop approx. 2/3 to ¾ full length of the model that you are vacuuming over. If you require more droop than this, use a larger frame or a thicker material.

When heating ProCheck in the oven, it is recommended that the plastic be inverted after an initial droop of approx. 15mm has formed, repeat this procedure three to four times. This will assist greatly in producing a good quality socket with very uniform wall thickness and minimal shrinkage of less than 1%.

It is strongly recommended that you drape in an area where the windows are closed and there are no cold draughts that may prevent the material from cooling down slowly and evenly. Avoid uneven cooling which will shock the plastic on one side resulting in differential shrinkage creating residual stresses in the plastic.

Drape by inverting the bubble, (bubble up) on small to medium length casts where the plastic doesn`t have to drop that far.
Drape through the bubble, (bubble down) on long casts because the longer the plastic droops in the oven, the more difficult it becomes to invert over the cast and will sometimes fall back on itself, sticking to itself and rendering the plastic unusable.

The socket geometry can be Thermo-Remodeled by the application of heat, taking care that the plastic is heated slowly, evenly and not overheated.

Drape Forming Tooling Set for Check Sockets

1.) AK Drape Forming Table: Dia. 320mm
2.) BK Drape Forming Table: Dia. 220mm
3.) Drape Base Frame Dia. 360m
4.) AK Clamp Plate Dia. 360mm
5.) BK Clamp Plate Dia. 260mm
6.) Hand Clamp Wheels x 4 off
7.) Drape Forming Frame Oven Stand 300mm high: (electroplated)

We are pleased to be able to offer our valued customers a complete range of quality Drape Forming Tooling for both AK and BK check socket fabrication utilising standard 400mm x 400mm thermoplastic sheeting of various thicknesses.

  • Suction pipes are suited for a 6mm I.D. suction hose connection.
  • The tables are Nickel plated to provide a hard wearing surface which is scratch and corrosion resistant as well as being easy to clean. The sides of the tables are generously proportioned and tapered to facilitate hassle free sealing of the plastic against the side rim of the table when applying vacuum.
  • The Draping Frames are cut from High Strength Aluminium plate, which is also corrosion resistant.
  • The Draping Frames can be PTFE Teflon Coated if required. (Gunmetal colour)
  • Other custom internal diameters of Drape Clamping Frame are available on request.

Optional PTFE Teflon Coating of Base & Clamp Frames:
A.) Both faces and all edges
B.) Non – Silicone Mould Release aerosol Spray in a 400 gram can
C.) Silicone Mould Release aerosol Spray in a 240 gram can
D.) Kevlar Hot Work Gloves – large, recommended for handling hot plastic
sheeting and objects up to 255 Deg C
E.) Cotton Liner Gloves, 21cm in length, per pair
F.) Please check out our PerMaCheck and PROCHECK optically clear, as well as our PROFLEX + Silicone opaque,
Blister / Drape /Vacuum forming plastic sheeting in 400mm x 400mm cut panels with a choice of various thicknesses from

Drape Forming Tooling Set 3
Drape Forming Tooling Set
Drape Forming Tooling Set for Check Sockets
Drape Forming Tooling Set
Drape Forming Tooling Set 2
Drape Forming Tooling Set

Vacuum Station

This Vacuum Station is equipped with an air ejector vacuum pump which is unaffected by moisture, in fact, water and moisture pass straight through it. There are no moving parts to wear out as well as no parts to corrode or rust. Capable of generating up to -90kPa of Vacuum with 600Kpa air supply and consuming only 1.1L/S of compressed air. When used in conjunction with our Orthotic Vacuum Former, the evacuation time is 7 seconds per litre of air to reach–80kPa of vacuum. The Vacuum Station is supplied fitted inside a wall mountable box, complete with an inlet filter that can be easily cleaned, hose barb connections for 6mm ID vacuum hose, vacuum level and supply air pressure gauges. Supplied with 5m of 6mm ID clear vacuum hose. The Vacuum level is adjustable via an air supply pressure regulator

Vacuum Station
Vacuum Station

Vacuum Pump

2 – Stage Oil Filled Rotary Vane direct drive Vacuum Pump
Capacity: 142 Litres per minute (free air displacement)
230 VAC 50Hz supply with automatic thermal overload protection.
Supplied complete with vacuum oil which must be added to the pump before startup.

Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Pump

Orthotic Vacuum Former VF38-48-4

Heavy Duty Vacuum Former with hinged lid and tough rubber diaphragm. Large enough to produce two full length Orthotic insole casts. Supplied with 8mm and 6mm I.D. suction line hose barbs and 3 way vacuum control valve.
Replacement rubber diaphragms are available.

Silicone high temperature rubber diaphragms are available in silicone.

Orthotic Vacuum Former VF38-48-4
Orthotic Vacuum Former VF38-48-4