Prosthetic & Orthotic Fabrication Materials for the O&P Professional

Over the last two decades, Ortholam has grown to become a nationwide distributor in orthotics and prosthetics supplies. And by providing quality products and services in an ever increasing market, we pride ourselves on supplying value for money.

Ortholam began as a small enterprise in 2002, when a need was recognised for a one-stop orthotics and prosthetics supplies company. We are innovators in Laminating Resin for the orthotic and prosthetic professional, and we have formulated a laminating resin specifically for the prosthetics industry. As the sole manufacturers and distributors of Epox-Acryl Laminating Resin, we are proud to bring this innovative product to the market.

Our range of in-house manufactured components are designed to cater for your specialised needs. We are able to cater for all your consumable and component requirements and offer competitive prices and service. Representing a number of international companies in South Africa, we now supply our products nationwide as well as to surrounding African countries.


  1. We are dedicated to product stewardship.
  2. Customer satisfaction: dependable, on-time service, quality products and partnerships.
  3. Integrity: be honest, assertive, loyal and respectful.
  4. Encourage teamwork to achieve personal and business goals.
  5. Quality: zero customer defined defects in products and services from start to finish. Pursue excellence and strive to be right first time.
  6. Efficiency: safely achieve the most efficient and effective use of time, processes, machinery and materials, to minimise costs, rework and wastage, and to maximise results.
  7. Continuous improvement: be better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow because today’s standards will determine our future success.
  8. To help people to develop and achieve in all areas of their lives.
  9. To earn a profit and give thanks to our Creator for all that we do receive.

International Brands

We are proud to represent a number of international companies in South Africa. Our small range of in-house manufactured components are designed to cater for your specialised needs.