Prosthetics are designed to be functional replicas of the body part they are created to replace. And the science behind prosthetics has evolved over the last century to ensure amputees are able to live and function in a modern society. But something is changing in this industry.

Prostheses have always been designed and built to blend and fade seamlessly into the amputee’s life, to attract no attention and draw no gazes. Over the past few years, however, this mindset is beginning to be rejected, as amputees embrace their limb differences and take pride in the technology that allows them to live normal lives.

There has always been a stigma around amputees and those that use prostheses to cover up or compensate for their limb loss. As far back as the World War 1, when amputee veterans were put back to work with prostheses so simple, they resembled the mannequin body parts seen in clothing stores. Those simple prostheses, and even the new designs in the decades after, were developed to be functional, practical and invisible.

But in the last several years or so, an awakening is taking place among suppliers, amputees and product designers. This involves a change of outlook and perspective towards a more inclusive society, and an attitude that a prosthesis is something that can be attractive, innovative and fashionable.

The LimbArt brand has been developed in recognition of this change and aims to ensure amputees have the opportunity to express themselves with the choice of a laminated socket or a pull over cosmetic cover available in fashionable and original designs.

Be a part of the aesthetic revolution of prosthetics! Encourage your patients to take pride in their artificial limbs and express their inner-creative selves by choosing to use our bright, colorful and fashionably designed LimbArt sleeves and covers.

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