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LimbArt Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves

We now manufacture LimbArt Prosthetic Sleeves and Cosmetic Covers!

  • Used as a final beauty laminating sleeve in place of your regular perlon veil stockinette.
  • Made from the finest quality Lycra material.
  • Available in a variety of plain colours and fashionable graphic designs.
  • Enhance the expression of the attitude and personality of your patient’s prosthetic sockets.

We also offer custom printed prosthetic sleeves by special order. Email us your graphic image file and we will have it printed onto the sleeve material and provide you with the finished sleeve in the required size.

For the best possible results, we recommend using Resin from Ortholam.

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Laminating Sleeve Sizes Available

LAS-xxxxx-XS X-Small 23cm (9”) 15cm (6”) 43cm (17″) Adult Arm or Child Leg
LAS-xxxxx-XSL X-S Long 23cm (9”) 15cm (6”) 53cm (21”) Adult Arm or Child Leg
LAS-xxxxx-S Small 30cm (12”)  18cm (7”) 43cm (17″) Mostly for BK
LAS-xxxxx-SL S Long 30cm (12”)  18cm (7”) 53cm (21″) For AK
LAS-xxxxx-M Medium 38cm (15”) 20cm (8”) 43cm (17″) Fits BK or AK
LAS-xxxxx-ML M Long 38cm (15”) 20cm (8”) 53cm (21″) For AK
LAS-xxxxx-L Large 46cm (18”) 23cm (9”) 43cm (17″) Mostly for AK
LAS-xxxxx-LL L Long 46cm (18”) 23cm (9”) 53cm (21″) For AK
LAS-xxxxx-XL X-Large 53cm (21”) 25cm (10”) 43cm (17″) For special patients
LAS-xxxxx-XLL XL Long 53cm (21”) 25cm (10”) 53cm (21″) For special patients AK
LAS-xxxxx-XXLL XXL Long 71cm (28”) 60cm (24”) 71cm (28”) For special patients AK


Fabric Panels also available - 50cm x 70cm

N.B. When selecting your size, remember that the fabric needs to stretch a little.

All images shown are approximately 30cm x 30cm


LimbArt Prosthetic Cosmetic Covers

LimbArt Prosthetic Cosmetic Covers are available as an alternative or an addition to the LimbArt Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves, providing a new or replaceable cover for the prosthesis and suspension sleeve.

The LimbArt Prosthetic Cosmetic Cover for the prosthesis or knee sleeve offers both functionality and also fashion!

Made from the highest quality Lycra, each cover design has been selected to offer a variety of brilliant designs to express your mood and personality. They are easily removable, and machine washable.

Our laminating sleeves are offered from the same fabrics and are available to O & P clinics for laminating prosthetic sockets or rigid AFO's.

We also offer custom designs, so the possibilities are endless!

Unlike cotton shirt products, our covers are wrinkle free and offer a 4 way stretch that conforms more accurately to your mould.

They fit more easily over any shape or size, no matter how small or big the orthotic or prosthetic device.

The LimbArt Prosthetic Covers are:

- Wrinkle Free
- 4 Way Stretch Technology
- Easily Stretches to 200%
- Conforms to Mould Contour
- Fits Over any Shape / Size
- Time Saver
- Large Variety of Designs and Sizes Available
- Custom Printed Images - we set up the images based off your specs


SIZE LENGTH TOP (Circumference) BOTTOM (Circumference)
CHILD/XS (slender adult or child) 34cm (13”) 28cm (11”) 16cm (7”)
S/M (for BK, adults) 46cm (18”) 31cm (12”) 20cm (8”)
M/L (for BK adults) 46cm (18”) 36cm (14”) 20cm (8”)
XL (for AK adults) 55cm (22”) 58cm (23”) 38cm (15”)
Long CHILD/XS (for AK child/slender adult) 66cm (26″) 28cm (11”) 16cm (7”)
Long S/M (for AK, adults) 66cm (26″) 31cm (12”) 20cm (8”)
Long M/L (for AK adults) 66cm (26″) 36cm (14”) 20cm (8”)
Long XL (for AK adults) 66cm (26″) 58cm (23”) 38cm (15”)

Custom Designs and Sizes are Available on Request!

A prosthesis can now not only be functional, but also fashionable.

These prosthetic suspension sleeve covers are easily removable and machine washable. They also aid with mobility because their slippery surface helps long pants to slide easily over the prosthetic leg. It eliminates the problems of the prosthetic device and the pants sticking together.

Our mission is to help all amputees look and feel better !

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