Manosplint Splinting Sheet Material

We now have Manosplint low-temperature thermoplastic splinting sheet material in stock, in 3.2mm thickness and a variety of colours and features to meet your most demanding splinting applications.

The suggested clinical applications for these splinting materials are: Large upper extremity Splints, Fracture Bracing, Spasticity Splints, Dynamic Splints, Immobilization Splints for the Wrist, Thumb, Hand and Trunk, Tendon injuries, Arthritis and Neurological Diagnosis. Circumferential Splints.


CAROLINA 3.2mm thick ~ 61cm X 92cm sheet size ~ Solid White (non-perforated)

  • Resistance to Stretch: High – Can be handled firmly.
  • Drape: Moderate – Also ideal for larger splints.
  • Rigidity: Maximum – Holds its shape with great rigidity.
  • Memory: Moderate – Allows for light modifications and edge finishing.
  • Bonding: Uncoated – Permanent bond during orthosis fabrication.

WISCONSON 3.2mm thick ~ 46cm x 61cm sheet size ~ Solid Blue (non-perforated)

  • Resistance to Stretch: Moderate – Shapes easily and must be handled smoothly.
  • Drape: Moderate – Easy to achieve a conforming fit.
  • Rigidity: Moderate – Strong material with a slight degree of flex.
  • Memory: Low – Allows for easy modifications and edge finishing.
  • Bonding: Coated – Will not adhere to itself unless the coating is removed.

OHIO 3.2mm thick ~ 46cm x 61cm sheet size ~ Solid Beige and Solid Black (n-p)

  • Resistance to Stretch: Moderate – Shapes easily with smooth strokes during molding.
  • Drape: Moderate – Medium pressure required for a conforming fit.
  • Rigidity: High – Strong rigid material that holds its shape when set.
  • Memory: 100% memory – Will regain original size and shape when re-heated. Re-moldable.
  • Bonding: Coated – Will not adhere to itself unless the coating is removed.

OHIO F 3.2mm thick ~ 46cm x 61cm sheet size ~ 1% perforated Blue/Grey with soft

  • Velcro hook receptive fabric covering on both sides, which allows you to fabricate a splint with a padded lining already in place.
  • Resistance to Stretch: High – Due to fabric covering and can be handled firmly.
  • Drape: Moderate – Good conformance to contours.
  • Rigidity: High – Providing excellent support.
  • Memory: Low – Allows for easy modification and edge finishing.
  • Bonding: Fabric covering is Velcro hook receptive.

Experience exceptional edge finishing with Manosplint® Thermoplastics!

Tips for best results:

Draw the pattern onto Manosplint material (any style)

Cut the sheet down to size

Place material into the heating device to soften for approximately 30 seconds

Cut out your design using sharp scissors

The edges will self-seal when cutting partially heated Manosplint® Thermoplastic Material

Place the pattern back into the heating device following recommended temperature & time

Fabricate the orthosis

Your finished orthosis will have soft sealed edges! Saving you valuable time.

Splinting Material Accessories

PLASTAZOTE FOAM PADDING ~ 3.2mm x 15cm x 91cm – Pink color

plastazote foam

Medium density, self-adhesive, closed cell plastazote foam padding.

MOLESKIN PADDING ~ 1.6mm X 30cm x 1 meter – Beige color

moleskin padding

Soft, open cell self adhesive Moleskin padding. Beige. 1.6mm thick.

Mano OPEN CELL FOAM PADDING ~ 3.2mm X 15cm X 1.8 meter – Tan color

manosplint acc3


Mano ORTHOPEDIC FELT ~ 6.4mm X 14cm x 1 meter – White color


White, closed-cell, self adhesive orthopaedic felt.

Mano VELCRO HOOK DOTS ~ Double Sided Dia. 38mm – Black color

manosplint acc5


Mano VELCRO HOOK RECTANGLES sticky back ~ 80mm x 38mm – Black color

manosplint acc6


Mano STRAPS with stretch and padding

manosplint acc7

Velcro Hook receptive on both sides.
Works great with the double sides hook dots ~ 38mm wide x 600mm – Blue/Grey color.

Quantity of 10 straps per pack

Manosplint® Hot Water Heat Pans

The Manosplint® Hot Water Heat Pans are constructed using high quality stainless steel with options of both removable (lift off) and hinged lids. Each pan is thermostatically controlled with an illuminated switch that indicates when the water has reached temperature. Each pan is supplied with a perforated internal tray. The insulated handles ensure that the lids can be raised and lowered safely. The hinged lids have been cleverly designed to ensure that all condensation drains back into the main pan, when it is being raised and lowered. Supplied with a two-year warranty.

Available in various sizes from 9 Liter to 56 Liter capacity.

Please allow us to quote you on your specific requirements.

The Manosplint® Dry Heat Oven is a new and innovative device built using high quality stainless steel and aluminium material providing a high level of heat isolation and temperature stability.

The innovative heating surface is 20” L x 14” W (510mm L x 360mm W) and provides a homogeneous energy to heat up the material. The oven does not require any additional consumable material and is supplied with a two-year warranty. The device is controlled via a simple digital panel indicating the set up temperature and the actual one inside the oven. It can easily be adjusted from 122°F-194°F (50°C-90°C).

Its compact dimensions facilitate transport and remote use within different locations making it the ideal companion for therapist requiring mobility. Supplied with hinged lids.

Available in 100-120V and 220-240V version.
• Water-free technology
• Highly hygienic solution
• Extremely fast to heat up and prepare the material
• Portable design to ease transport and remote usage
• No additional consumable material required
• 100V-240V compatible versions

Please allow us to quote you on your specific requirements.

manosplint acc8